Partnering with youth and young adults (ages 13-24) to create a safe, welcoming space for them to address their goals and achieve positive physical and mental health outcomes.

Transgender Center

St. Louis Children’s Hospital center providing care to kids and young adults who identify as transgender, gender non-conforming, non-binary or genderqueer.

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A good site that focuses on birth control.

Center for Young Women’s Health

This is a great, information-packed website about lots of issues pertaining specifically to young women’s health! The website covers lots of topics including, nutrition, fitness, gynecology, and sexual, physical and emotional health. There are also quizzes and online chat forums so you can participate in learning about your health!

This website has a lot of resources about how to cope with stress and problems that come up for teenagers. It also has a lot of great links to other online resources, and can serve as a great starting point for learning about your mental health.

Eating Disorders: General Information

This is a great website with accurate information about eating disorders, and lots of information about treatment.

Designed specifically for girls, this website is a fun way to learn about everything from nutrition and your body to your emotions and relationships. You can also post comments or concerns and read what other girls your age are thinking about!

I Wanna Know

A very complete website with lots of information about sex, sexual health, and especially sexually transmitted infections. This is a great place for you to educate yourself on STI prevention and treatment!

Mental Health Literacy

This website has a lot of information on the teen brain and its mental health. Check out some of the multimedia presentations for a different way to learn about mental health and mental illness.

Out, Proud and Healthy

This website is a compilation of a wide range of resources for LGBTQ youth. Here you can find coming-out stories, sources of support in your area, and links to other online resources.

Planned Parenthood: For Teens

This is an excellent website with a lot of information on a variety of topics from dating, safe sex, teen pregnancy, and contraception. This website is a great place to look for comprehensive, nonjudgmental information.

Power to Decide: Teen Talk

A website specifically for teens to get informed about abstinence, teen pregnancy, and contraception. There is also a myth buster section and an informative “help and advice” section, with additional resources for you.


This website is a great resource for information, advice and education about sex and sexuality. There is information about everything from the anatomy of your body, to how to talk to a partner about sex, and other really interesting topics.

Sex, etc.

This is a website written by teens for teens about sex and sexual health. There are interactive ways to learn, like quizzes, chat rooms, and forums.


This is an especially interactive site. This is less of an information gathering website and more of a discussion and networking website. There are lots of stories from other teens and interesting opportunities to add your own story to the discussion.


This is a really good website with lots of information on teen health issues. There is a section of recently added questions from other teens, forums for discussion about general topics, and lots of links to help you find more information on general issues.


A very comprehensive website for teen health information! The topics range from general information about your body and mind to specific advice on school and jobs. A really great resource for you to just browse!

Young Men’s Health

A website designed especially for young men about their health and issues specifically pertaining to men. There is lots of information about nutrition, fitness, and sexual, physical and emotional health.